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Re: New Zealand legalises same-sex marriage

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So everyone else should have to live by laws of the god you believe in?
Should be changed to: Everyone else should have to live by the laws of God. There is only one.

Of course, we make the choice to follow his laws, or not, that is the choice we must all make. It isn't about religion, or denomination, or any of that crap, it's about faith, it's about your choice to follow Gods laws. I'm not going to make anyone do anything they don't want to do, choice is yours. I'm just telling you where I stand on the topic, and hope others listen with an open mind. I make no judgements, it is not my place to do so. If anyone is seeking God, by all means PM me, I'd be happy to talk about it. There is hope in this life.
If you want to worship Allah that's your business but don't blunt my mellow by forcing it on me.
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