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Re: Are many of you going to "spoil" yourselves next week?

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I was super enthusiastic about this one.. but then I saw the last trailer where it seems that Starfleet has made an impossibly large and retarded-looking ship and that put a huge damper on my enthusiasm.
The "I believe in you Jim" trailer? That's the one that reversed my feeling from I'll see it a few weeks after it comes out, to gotta' be opening weekend.

If only for the penultimate scene where Kirk (probably) take arrogant John-boy down.

Although there is a certain symmetry to Pike telling him his arrogance can get his crew killed to the part of the trailer where Kirk meets a big ship that could do just that and he says sorry, i guess I'm just sick of all these Star Trek films where the Enterprise comes up against a ridiculously huge ship. this one in particular looks ridiculous. why would Starfleet build such a ship?

Bigger does not mean better. The Reliant was smaller than the enterprise.. but good writing made it a huge challenge...
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