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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

You can get any hardcore Treknical guru to answer this one, but I'd might as well step in...

Real ships that float on oceans are produced this way with serial registry numbers and, yes, that includes our famous Space Shuttle which takes to space, or is that Took to space...

What pisses us first-generation Treknical fans off most is the amount of respect given to that wall chart in "Court Martial" which consists of nothing more than random numbers of ships apparently being serviced at that moment at Starbase 11...
Sorry to be disagreeable, but...

First, as someone who has served in or in support of the US military (including serving on a US Navy ship twice) and NASA (including supporting 13 shuttle missions) for nearly 30 years, I understand about how the Navy numbers its hulls and NASA numbered their shuttles. Frankly I don't see how those things have anything to do with my original point.

Also, you might want to watch "Court Martial" again, and when you do you'll see the chart contains 10 registry numbers and is titled "STAR SHIP STATUS." It's not titled "Starbase 11 Repair Status." Seems to me that indicates those registry numbers belong to 10 of the 12 starships (amazingly, if you add the Constellation's and Republic's registry numbers to that list you have 12 canonical numbers).

Finally, given a choice of trusting Greg Jein's conjecture vs. Franz Joseph's, there is no choice in my mind. Franz Joseph is just another fan while GJ has genuine Star Trek gravitas. The successors to Roddenberry must agree with me as they've acknowledged his numbering scheme as canon.
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