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Re: New Zealand legalises same-sex marriage

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So everyone else should have to live by laws of the god you believe in?
Should be changed to: Everyone else should have to live by the laws of God. There is only one.

Of course, we make the choice to follow his laws, or not, that is the choice we must all make. It isn't about religion, or denomination, or any of that crap, it's about faith, it's about your choice to follow Gods laws. I'm not going to make anyone do anything they don't want to do, choice is yours. I'm just telling you where I stand on the topic, and hope others listen with an open mind. I make no judgements, it is not my place to do so. If anyone is seeking God, by all means PM me, I'd be happy to talk about it. There is hope in this life.
Maybe if you used your judgement you'd see how cruel and wrong it is to call two adults' love for one another "sad." You might see that your bigoted opinions cause real harm to the people at the receiving end of your god's confused morality. That they are very real victims of hate and discrimination, that is not only threatening to their happiness, but also to their lives. Maybe if you used your judgement you would see that there is no logic in your stance, and that many others who believe in the Christian god can reconcile their belief with homosexuality. Maybe if you used your judgement you would see that the Bible is so full of contradictions, that one cannot possibly live by every word, that one must pick and choose, and that perhaps, if one must be a believer, the best thing to do is to pick and choose the path of kindness and goodness, not hate. I suspect you don't think slavery is right? or the stoning of rape victims who refuse to marry their rapists? or that wearing polyester blends is a sin? You've already pruned out many of the most hateful things your religion has historically taught, why not prune out one more? This is the time to use your judgement.

As for faith -- that word has no positive connotation for me. Faith is believing in things without evidence. It is another word for foolishness. The god you have described despises love and equality. It makes me grateful that I was never taught to have faith in such disturbing dogma. However, I do have hope. So much hope! New Zealand gives me hope. The fact that nation after nation is legalizing same-sex marriage, that the majority of Americans now support the right of gays to wed, and that mankind seems to be moving (if very, very slowly) away from primitive superstition and towards humanism and reason gives me great hope.

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