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Re: Why is the Federation so dumb?

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Besides, cloaking tech was no longer that useful in the Dominion War since the Dominion can see cloaked ships (and the cloak still means the ship can't use shields or weapons) and if the Dominion can see cloaked ships you can bet the Borg can too.
Is the stealth technology of today perfect? Of course not - far from it, actually. It still is a MAJOR strategic/tactical advantage.

Cloak is not perfect - but can fool 24th century sensors far better than stealth can fool radar.
The dominion can see through it - but they have to search thoroughly first; and that is in ideal conditions - not in the heat of battle, around some nebula/other sensor-distorting phenomena, etc.

Cloak remains a massive advantage and renouncing it - even the means to see through it - remains suicidally idiotic.

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Honestly, it was a smart move. War with the Rommies was the last thing the federation needed.
In hindsight, the Federation adopting a more militant and less exploratory posture earlier could be a good thing. It took Wolf 359 before the Federation seemed to take defense seriously. A quasi war with the Cardassians would've ended in surrender instead of a peace treaty that only guaranteed the next war. The Federation would've been more ready for the Borg... and the Dominion.
or a war with the rommies could have ended in defeat for the federation and the lose of earth?
The treaty of Algeron - which is, practically, appeasement of the romulans* - only ensured that the war will be fought a few decades into the future - AND that the chances the federation has of winning it are substantially smaller.

Whoever signed it condemned his/her grandchildren to bleed and die - and severely increased the chances of slavery under the romulans for the species of the federation. For this, he/she was probably hailed as a hero. Politics.

*Anyone can see (TOS, TNG) that the romulans are violently aggressive towards the federation, having no interest in a lasting peace with it.
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