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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

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What pisses us first-generation Treknical fans off most...
Please do not presume to speak for me.

I bought The Making of Star Trek back in 1968 when I was 8 years old, traced and redrew the schematics and sketches, and read it until the covers fell off. I bought the FJ plans and the Technical Manual when they first came out and looked through them so many times I had to buy new copies. I watched TAS and drew the ships I saw. I contributed to fanzines and continue to design and write about TOS-era starships to this day. I am a first-generation technical fan.

Greg Jein and Michael Okuda (Okuda!) are also first-generation fans. But I suspect, for some reason, that you don't presume to speak for them.

Gee, I thought Warped9 was a extremist fundamentalist Trekkie whack job (I kid!), but when someone's gone too far for him, then new definitions are needed.

PS: Of course, if you've not been serious, then I must congratulate you on the most entertaining piece of performance art I've seen in many years. Bravo, sir! The nuance and intensity of your portrayal are nothing short of masterful! Five stars! *****

PPS: If you are serious, then stop being so serious! For your own health at least. I don't want to hear that you (or any Trekkie) have popped a cerebral aneurysm hunting and pecking out one of your anti-Okuda screeds (OKUDA!!!). Carpal tunnel syndrome can also result from pounding the keyboard and overusing the shift key, so please be careful and ice down those wrists! (NB: The language of the Trek BBS is not German, so nouns within a sentence are not normally capitalized unless proper.)
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