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Re: New Zealand legalises same-sex marriage

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God is the only one with the authority to judge marriage, he has done so, and he has defined it. I'm going to go with God on this one.
Marriage pre-dates Christianity. It is not yours to "define".
You're right, it's Gods, I never said it was mine to define. He defined it, the creator of you, the one who made all of us, the one who created marriage in the first place, has defined it. I'm certainly not the one that's going to go up against that. He is the only one with the authority to define and judge marriage. He has a plan for marriage, and the Bible describes it quite well. So I'm going with God on this topic.
So everyone else should have to live by laws of the god you believe in? Of all the gods in all the history of mankind, yours, and your narrow interpretation of his view on gays (because, face it, not everyone who believes in your god has a problem with them), is the correct one and should be imposed upon all others? That's pretty horrible. And I mean that word in the litteral sense -- that is truly, utterly, horrible.

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