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Re: Ryva Takes On Enterprise (Again)

Terra Nova:

This could have been a good episode. But then it wasn't. It had the feel of a TOS episode, except without the charm. Instead, we got a pretty derivative story about some colonists who were forced to live underground, and subsequently managed to develop an entirely new culture, complete with underground-y words like "tracking" and "shale" in just seventy years. Also they hate humans, despite looking just like them, only dirtier. Huh.

Several things about this episode don't make sense to me. First, assuming Starfleet gave Archer any sort of orders, you'd think that finding out what happened to Terra Nova would have been one of them; it is one of the biggest mysteries of their time, after all. But it seemed more like an afterthought, that they decided to get around to eventually. Second, didn't anyone send a probe to the planet in the last seventy years? They obviously sent a probe to determine whether it could support a colony in the first place, right? So what, they never sent another one after that? It would have detected the radiation on the planet. Boom. Mystery solved.

Also, am I safe in assuming that all of the original colonists must have been mentally unstable? How could they possibly object to the idea of a couple hundred more colonists sharing the planet with them? And why would they automatically assume that an asteroid was somehow the fault of the evil "humans"? These people spent nine years on a spaceship to get to the planet. Have they seriously never seen an asteroid before?

I liked the guest performances, especially by Erick Avari. I always forget he exists, and then when I see him in something, I'm like, "Oh yeah, that guy!" Billingsley and Trinneer were good, as usual. Blalock was particularly wooden in this episode. It's like she can't decide if she should play an emotional Vulcan or a catatonic one. I'm hoping she makes up her mind soon.

This episode felt like it was written by a seventh-grader. Mostly boring, and way too many plot holes. On the plus side, up next: Andorians! And Weyoun! I mean, Jeffrey Combs!
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