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Re: Build Your Own Publishing Schedule- 2014 Edition

I'm love to see a little more diversity, a return of SCE, a new series.

Jan: TOS/ SCE return e-book novella
Feb: Post - The Fall TNG novel/ DS9 e-book novella
Mar: Refugees (Abramsverse book 1)/ SCE e-book novella
Apr: Kirsten Beyer Voy/DS9 e-book novella
May: Seek A Newer World (Abramsverse book 2)/SCE e-book novella
Jun: New 24th century series book 1/DS9 e-book novella / themed collection along the lines of the Seven Deadly Sins
July: IKS Gorkon post-Destiny (post - The Fall?) by KRAD/SCE e-book novella
Aug: RITF: Tower of Babel/Voy e-book novella
Sep: Post - The Fall Titan/SCE e-book novella
Oct: New Series book 2/Voy e-book novella
Nov: TOS novel/SCE novella
Dec: Post - The Fall DS9
Jan: More Beautiful Than Dead (Abramsverse book 3)/ Ent e-book novella
Feb: Post - The Fall Aventine
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