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Re: Enterprise Cutaway Coming From Dragon Models

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Here it goes again, the old bait and switch... Top paragraph: "I'm a huge fan of FJ's work..." Bottom paragraph: "FJ didn't know jackshit..."
You might want to re-read Albertese's post because at no point did he say anything like "FJ didn't know jackshit."

I'm curious if you've seen Matt Jefferies original Enterprise cutaway? You know, that 20-deck one that appears in The Making of Star Trek. That's how the man who designed the USS Enterprise envisioned her interior. Surely he's the guy who should have final say on the interior of his ship?
Yeah, and nobody follows that one either, just like the shuttlecraft drawings... Some things just don't work out to be practical when taken to the next level, like actual deck plans... Bottom line: the exterior has to match the Interior sets, and to do so usually means the draftsman has to Compromise somewhere, and That's where all sorts of nasty little disagreements start to surface among fans, screaming that this or that isn't accurate! Well, you just can't have it Both ways sometimes...

And remember also that Jefferies is the guy who put photo torpedo tubes in the Upper primary hull--a fact that fans too young to have been alive back then have bitched about--and unfairly blamed--FJ for...
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