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Re: Why is the Federation so dumb?

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Besides, cloaking tech was no longer that useful in the Dominion War since the Dominion can see cloaked ships (and the cloak still means the ship can't use shields or weapons) and if the Dominion can see cloaked ships you can bet the Borg can too.
Guess it depends on what version of the Borg you mean. The TNG Borg who can analyze and adapt or the VOY Borg who can't blow their nose unless they assimilate someone who knows how.
You know, I still don't get how folks keep thinking the "They don't learn without assimilation" thing didn't apply to the TNG Borg too. Because that's exactly what happened in their TNG appearances. Difference was, the TNG folks acted more scared of them then they really should've been (they knew there was worse than the Borg out there, and they'd faced worse than the Borg).

It never made sense. I think the writers put that into "Pegasus" just to create an instance of drama without regard to the bigger picture as such it created a fixed-point of unilateral idiocy. Thank God for "Deep Space Nine!"

Fortunately, RDM and others introduced Section-31 that kind of retcons the stupidty introduced in "Pegasus" (an otherwise great episode) by allowing those who wish to say the Federation agreed to such pollyannaish terms because they knew it would ultimately be ignored by some covert factions within Starfleet.
Like I said, we don't know what the Romulans themselves gave up in return. Probably they lost just as much an advantage to their side.
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