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Re: Sisko intimidates Worf

I'd attribute it to a few things.

1) Sisko punched Q. I'm sure once news of that hit the Enterprise, and the lack of any following visits from Q anytime after that incident, the Enterprise crew (not Voyager, though, since Q was nowhere near as much of a pain in the butt in that show) never, ever imagined punching Q, ever.

2) Sisko just seemed more...disciplinarian, than Picard. Rules of Engagement, The Ship, Sons of Mogh, and any incident where Sisko was unhappy with Worf (any anybody else), he was more than happy to...voice his displeasure.

3) Sisko was, as a few other people put it, more of a general compared to Picard. His plans during Apocalypse Rising, and other incidents where there was the expectation of heavy combat, Sisko was always there with his men and women. Those sorts of things garner respect, especially to Worf and his Klingon cultural heritage.
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