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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

The FJ blueprints are a compilation of not only the different miniatures but of Matt Jefferies drawings... That's why it's Treknically called the Achernar configuration of the Enterprise: her final incarnation prior to the Enterprise Class refit... It's not the version presented in the pilots (Constitution); it's not the one presented in the series (Bonhomme Richard); it's a Fusion of these into a bit of TAS, too! And that's where some of your discrepancies arise... Other differences include such things as actual Visible phaser banks on the hull which were never present on the models... Gee, I wonder why he did that... Just like FJ's flattened bridge--it was done to reconcile the turbolift shaft placement with the entry alcove region in the bridge Set itself... Otherwise the bridge would have to Sink into Deck 2 virtually eliminating Deck 2 and dropping the primary hull's deck count by one... Consequently, the flatter bridge module, being somewhat wider, allowed for an outer inspection corridor And the secondary exit to the left of the main screen (acknowledged in TAS)... The outer corridor section incidentally is acknowledged in Alan Dean Foster's novelization of "The Slaver Weapon" in Star Trek Log 10... The Bantam novel "Planet of Judgment" also acknowledges the service corridor and gangway down to Deck 2... FJ also justified it by stating that there's no such thing as a command center which has only one entryway...

And there is such a thing as artistic license... Let me give you an example from his Star Fleet Technical Manual... FJ blueprinted various props but wasn't 100% precise because, well, they were Props... Let me explain That! Take for instance Dr. McCoy's medical scanner... He waves it around patients and somehow manages to take a meaningful reading, often spinning the Feinberger round in his hand to gaze at the bottom (or top if you prefer) of the toy... It would be rather dull to just blueprint That, label one on/off button and be done with it... No, FJ took it to the next level and put a small diagnostic scale on one side (somewhat akin to the medical monitor on the diagnostic bed) complete with a "normal range" for life forms, plus he added markings on the other side of the instrument for fine tuning it to different metabolisms... In other words, he made it Plausible and Realistic as an actual medical instrument... The same thing goes for Dr. McCoy's scalpels--they were salt shakers with No markings or "trigger" buttons... FJ put calibration markings on them, a recessed trigger, a safety etc... I think that's a lot more interesting than just blueprinting...shiny salt shakers!

Oh, why do I even Bother... You'd think I was being paid the FJ estate lawyers to back him up! Nobody's listening to me, and those that do have their own opinions firmly in place and aren't going to angstrom... I'm trying to relay this to people who don't give a tribble's ass about Treknical history nor what I was brought up on and learned in old school Treknical Fandom...
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