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Re: Is J.J. Abams "Star Trek" Sustainable?

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It's very doom and gloom where it should be hope and celebration.
I'm curious. When you say you want "hope and celebration," what kind of story are you advocating?

I mean, sure, Trek is no dystopia, but, as far back as the original series, there's always been plenty of jeopardy, drama, conflict, and heartbreak. Remote colonies and outposts get wiped out by exotic menaces. Hostile aliens threaten the crew. The Enterprise is on the verge of blowing up in five minutes. Kirk needs kill his best friend to save his ship. Joan Collins has to be thrown under a bus . . . .

Last time I checked, all those redshirts didn't die from an excess of "hope and celebration." The Final Frontier can be a very dangerous place . . . and that's always been reflected in the shows and movies.

Seriously, how do you translate abstract notions like "hope and celebration" into an engrossing adventure or drama? By throwing in lots of inspirational speeches? By avoiding conflict and disaster? I admit, I'm not sure what sort of plot you're advocating, as opposed to something that puts our heroes through the wringer.

"Hope and celebration" are something you save for the end of the story. But first you need to test your heroes by putting them through hell . . ..
You misunderstood, I was speaking about the people who were certain that Trek was ending or that general movie taste was in the shitter, etc.

I actually prefer the idea of Earth being optimistic instead of "perfect" as per Gene's vision. TNG always struck me as odd in that respect.
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