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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

I find the easiest and best way to deal with these issues is to just happily ignore what I don't like and privately accept what I do like.

Re: FJ's material. I loved it when it came out. I freely acknowledge its significance in the development and evolution of this kind of material. I respect and appreciate a lot of what he did, but I also cannot ignore what he got wrong. And he did get stuff wrong. The ship he drew (among other things) is not the same as what was shown onscreen. There are a lot of discrepancies to the point that it seems he might never have referred to the actual 11 footer. Even studying film clips and stills he should have gotten certain things right, but he didn't. I do like his style, his professionalism and a lot of his conceptual thinking, but there are some things he simply got wrong.

One can argue he drew plans for the Constitution, but the set was pitched as plans for the Enterprise and they diverge in a lot of ways.
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