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Re: Build Your Own Publishing Schedule- 2014 Edition

I figured I'd just be able to crib most of my responses from last year, so I searched up the old thread. Turns out we're actually getting one of the items that I would have commissioned for 2013!

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4. ENT novel set after founding of the Federation -- similar to Starfleet: Year One, but in the ENT continuity, featuring both characters from ENT and original characters.
Woohoo! So I guess I'll throw together a schedule for 2014 too, and maybe I'll get one of those as well! I'll try to make it a bit different from my 2013 one, just for variety, but there will be overlap.

1. DS9 Ascendents Duology: Book 1 by DRGIII
2. DS9 Ascendents Duology: Book 2 by DRGIII
3. Rise of the Federation: Tower of Babel by CLB (already announced IRL)
4. Novelization of The Secret of Vulcan Fury, by D.C. Fontana. (I am going to keep including this one until we get it!)
5. VOY continuation by Kirsten Beyer
6. Scotty follow-up story by David McIntee (I believe he stated on these boards that he had an idea for this.)
7. Aventine novel by David Mack
8. Titan novel by either Andy Mangels, Geoffrey Thorne or James Swallow
9. TNG post-The Fall novel by William Leisner or James Swallow
10. TOS novel by Dayton Ward, Greg Cox or Ward/Dilmore
11. DS9 post-The Fall novel by DRGIII, S.D. Perry or Una McCormack
12. SCE (full-length) novel set in post-Destiny continuity, by KRAD

I realize in reality one of these slots will probably be taken up by the Into Darkness novelization MMPB, but since I don't have to deal in reality...

For the year's TP releases, I'll pretty much copy what I had last year, except I'll drop the two that are no longer relevant:

1. Trial Run by Shatner and the Reeves-Stevens
2. New Frontier Finale, by PAD
3. Slings & Arrows Omnibus
4. Crucible Omnibus, by DRGIII (including all the extra content that was originally commissioned)

And I still think an ongoing eBook only series would be fun, now that eBooks have increased in popularity. I still like both my thoughts from last year, but the most versatile would probably be the "Tales from Known Space"-type one, which would allow authors to pitch ideas from any era, any POV, and include any characters old or new. Release four to six novellas a year, and you're good to go!
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