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Re: Brannon Braga: Not a Diane Carey Fan?

Yeah, that one is great. I also like what she caps the scene with a couple pages later:
p. 113 wrote:
Reed stifled a groan and avoided mentioning that he couldn't believe it either, and he didn't want to tell this story. Perhaps he could make something up that would be more interesting to hear about and less trite in the telling.
A few more, while I have the book out:
p. 96 wrote:
"Rigel," she finally began, "is a planetary system approximately fifteen light-years from our present position."
Tucker watched and held his breath. Of course, Earth had known about the blue giant Rigel for generations, and other stars like Altair and Arcturus, but this was the first he'd heard of settled planets there.
pp. 107-08 wrote:
"It's all right," she [Hoshi] said. "Rigelian uses a pronomial base. The translator's just reprocessing the syntax."
Who cared? Archer avoided telling her nobody was interested in how it did what it was doing [...]
Carey usually seems to bring out Archer's inner jerk with her monologue.

p. 122 wrote:
Oh, brother. This dame [Sarin, the good Suliban woman] had seen too many steamy movies. She had the sticky dialogue down pat, not to mention the unoriginal seductive stare and liquid lips. What did they take him for?
There are some good touches: small errors make the rush launch of the NX-01 a little rougher than it needs to be, which makes Archer and Trip paranoid about internal sabotage, shaping their attitude toward T'Pol. And later, they theorize that Forrest and Soval collaborated in placing T'Pol on the NX-01 as an experiment in seeing how a Vulcan would work with humans over a protracted period of time.
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