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Re: Brannon Braga: Not a Diane Carey Fan?

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Wow. What did she say about the Butterfly dancers with the tongues (as that was the example the that Braga brought up)?
Here it is, pay particular close attention to the last paragraph:

As he and Mayweather watched, rapt by the sight, the women squirmed closer to the lantern. One of them tipped back her head and emitted an eight-inch tongue that snared one of the butterflies.

An instant later, the second woman did the same. Were they competing?

Only now did Reed and Mayweather realize they had been joined by a gathering of other spectators to watch the butterfly dance. The crowd seemed to run the course from arousal to disgust. Rather familiar, at the moment, Reed noted.

Ah, yes, a brothel. What a shock. If he had been sketching out the most stereotypical mecca in all literature, this would be at its center. Didnít anyone do anything subtle anymore?
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