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Re: Is J.J. Abams "Star Trek" Sustainable?

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But I am not with you when you falsely claim that Trek is just an arbitrary adventure sci-fi franchise. The line from Archer in my signature shows that adventure, exploration of the human soul and optimism all belong into the mix that makes Trek.
I'm not sure when I said it was just another arbitrary adventure scifi franchise. Clearly, the optimistic elements of Trek are big part of its popularity. Star Trek isn't Logan's Run and it isn't Terminator or Planet of the Apes or V or Aliens or any other cautionary tale. There's definitely an idealistic streak to Trek that distinguishes it from most of the competition.

But, as a writer and editor, I don't think that fiction is just a delivery mechanism for delivering morals and messages. It's also about imagination and entertainment and style and art for art's sake (he says pretentiously). And Star Trek is more than just a manifesto; it's also an exciting and imaginative work of science fiction that can't be judged on just how "utopian" any individual installment is. And where the characters can be flawed, flesh-and-blood human beings, not plaster saints and role models.

In my experience, when you start putting the "message" ahead of the plot and characters, you end up with sermons, not stories!
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