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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

The Space Suit Kirk in the mini set lights up. The Transporter Troubles set features Vazquez Rocks both on the packaging and in the decals. I don't remember if this was common knowledge before. Okay, here are my pics:

Whoops, it wasn't supposed to be this blurry:

Inside the box USS Enterprise:

I like the boxes, they are taped instead of glued which means they can be reused very cleanly. Sometimes the smaller sets when finished will fit inside the box like this:

Here are the instructions for Space Dive. Note the "Specialist" has a HUMUNGOUS gun that actually fires!

The helmet of the Space Dive Kirk figure lights up when you press the button on his back, visible here.

What ends up lighting up are the two little dark spots on his helmet that you can kind of see here:

Vasquez Rocks

And the back of a box

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