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Build Your Own Publishing Schedule- 2014 Edition

Next years publishing schedule will start to be revealed to us in the coming months. Tell us what you'd like it be filled with. Remember to keep it vague, no story ideas, just series and descriptions.

I know there have already been a few books announced, but since they would have been on my wish list anyway, I'll include them in mine:

FEB: Enterprise: Rise of the Federation- Tower of Babel
MAR: Deep Space Nine: Ascendants, Book 1
APR: Deep Space Nine: Ascendants, Book 2
MAY: Voyager: Full Circle Fleet, Book 5
JUN: The Original Series- Five Year Mission, Book 249
JUL: Titan, Book 13
AUG: Tales of the Typhon Pact
SEP: Excelsior: The Fate of Sulu
OCT: Litverse Crossover, Book 1: Enterprise-E
NOV: Litverse Crossover, Book 2: Aventine
DEC: Litverse Crossover, Book 3: Deep Space Nine
JAN: The Original Series: "Ex Machina" continuity continuation

I know people want more classic TOS books, and while I'm tired of them, I've come to realize I'm ok with them as long as they have some link to the Lit-verse like DRGIII's recent novel did.

I'm sure some of my wishes will really come out, and I'm sure others most certainly won't, but that's my list. What would be your schedule for the next year?

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.
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