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Re: Is J.J. Abams "Star Trek" Sustainable?

Franklin wrote: View Post
It's the nature of mass entertainment going back to Shakespeare.
Exactly. Did people care when "Forbidden Planet" remade "The Tempest" without even giving Shakespeare a screen credit? Does it make FP any less exciting for those who start realising how things might pan out as the film races to its climax?

When "Elaan of Troyius" paid homage to Helen of Troy and "The Taming of the Shrew"?

Or any number of films and TV shows that have based themselves upon "Romeo and Juliet"?

horatio83 wrote: View Post
But TWOK ended quite optimistically. I really like this aspect of Meyer's work, he seem so militaristic and dark on the first glance but there is always a bright ending and you realize that the guy is not really somebody who is antithetical to Roddenberry.
Didn't JJ Abrams' ST 2009 also end optimistically? Spock Prime was off to assist the quest for New Vulcan. Young Spock and Uhura still had each other, and Spock was on better terms with Sarek than Spock Prime had been at that age. Scotty and Keenser were finally off the ice planet and snug in Engineering. And Kirk had just inherited the Enterprise from Pike.
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