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Re: Cover & Blurb for Dayton Ward's "From History's Shadow"

DeVario wrote: View Post
As for the release date, I'm pretty sure it will be August, the month after A Choice of Futures.
The Wormhole wrote: View Post
It's supposed to be the August book (meaning it'll be out the last Tuesday of July).
Thanks to you both! I checked MA's Upcoming Productions page, and sure enough, it's listed there. When I had searched on the title, I got no page hits. However, it looks like the apostrophe messes up whatever search algorithm they're using, since I tried searching on "T'Pol" as a test and got no hits either.

Allyn Gibson wrote: View Post
The mention of Majestic 12 leads me to wonder if Cryptosporidium-136 will have a cameo in the book.
And here I was wondering if Seven would travel back in time to work with them...
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