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Re: Have we witnessed the death of intelligent TV?

I don't know I watch more documentaries then I have ever previously in my life. In fact I think just as their is literally more crap out there, there is also more quality programming. But instead of 3 networks, PBS, and a handful of Cable companies. We have five networks, PBS, and literally hundreds of channels with original programming. OF course the bulk is crap, but every year I have watched tv (started probably very late 60's), there has always been more crap then quality. And I personally think TV is producing stronger and stronger material, and also producing worse and worse material.

But seriously how hard is to find programming you like/ love. There are more resources to help locate programming then ever before. More places to get reviews of the various programming then ever before. I don't see the issue, besides having that level in a handful of localized places, and since it takes me typically a minute or less to find something to watch or to program what I want to watch it just seems rather lazy to complain about the issues of it no longer being localized.
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