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Re: Should I give Enterprise another chance?

Wow, Lenny, that was a lot of writing!

Lets not look at the fictional world of Star Trek but the reality of making a TV series. The purpose of a TV show is to make money: period. Compromises of course had to be made for "Enterprise" or any new trek series. It's been 50 years since TOS; so a series handicapped with the 1960s version of future technology that we saw in TOS just doesn't hold up for a series today. So what if things are different; this is not real, lol. "Enterprise" gets better with repeated viewing. I'm often curious how many times people who pontificate about how bad the show is; actually watch it (keeping in mind of course that TOS was a failure until it was repeated over and over). In any case I think "Enterprise" is a good show; yes there are some bad episodes but that is true of all the Trek series. I really wish people would focus more on what they like instead of what they don't. Frankly, no one really cares why you don't like it; particularly if they do.

P.S. Not sure how you can say there were no character development or relationships in "Enterprise." T'Pols relationship with Archer is amazing to watch as the show progress and her character development was one of the best in all post TOS shows. Look at where she started off and where she ended at the end of the series. Frankly, the actress did a great job.
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