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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

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Yep, you can dislike his books, but in no way can you dismiss Christopher's attention to detail. He'll school you on pretty much any subject you can think of. And he has to many people here.

It is funny that Lenny Nurdboi accepts his own authorities but everyone else is just pandering.

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You know: the warp core was always there in TOS but we never saw it, the large cargo complex in the secondary hull was always there but we never saw it, the huge rec deck was always there but we never saw it...
The VIP Lounge was always there but we never saw it...
And maybe Kirk even had a ready room and a pet fish and we never saw them either!
You know by this definition you've just ruled that %95 of what Franz Joseph drew is in fact not canon. We never saw it. Talk about backing yourself into a corner with your own argument!
1. Except your Christopher's attention to detail doesn't take into account Tech Fandom, as in self-contained non-networked warp drive nacelles which he blatantly violates in his last novel...since the Enterprise DID NOT have the same warp drive nacelles from start to finish of her 5-year mission... She was launched with PB-31 nacelles, were replaced with PB-32 nacelles by the time of "Corbomite Maneuver" and between "All Our Yesterdays" and "Beyond The Farthest Star" was upgraded with PB-47 nacelles... So that pretty much shoots the logic behind his story to hell... But your revered writer is thinking that the same warp drive tech aboard 1701-D holds 100% true for 1701...

2. No, by my definition, FJ's stuff is more official than ever Because It Actually Appeared On Viewscreens in the feature films! Or did you sleep through V'ger's bridge assault and take-over of the ship's computer?
Not my fault that other writers who followed ignored them...
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