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Re: Should I give Enterprise another chance?

I'm speaking Generally, of course... I never said that All fans think alike or see alike, but for creating a prequel to (drumroll)...Star Trek! They did a piss-poor job... I only sited a few of its many failings, I didn't go into specifics like tackle individual episodes... But if you take the characters and compare them to the characters in earlier series--E's crew are as poorly-developed and cardboard as can be! They are in fact the worst Trek characters Ever! There is just no real chemistry between the crew of NX-01 unlike, say, aboard the original Enterprise, 1701-D, DS9, or even Voyager... On V we saw characters actually change and develop and they were well-rounded... Look at the relationships between Paris and Chakotay and Janeway...and Torres...and Tuvok... I pick V because it's my personal pick for next-to-worst Trek next to E...but at least they Tried with the characters... On E, they're all static... Oh, yeah, of all things out of the blue a "romance" between Trip and T'Pol that was so obviously forced and unrealistic (I've typed in other threads explaining my views on "new" Vulcans, and T'Pol is way out there, too!)... The big problem with E's characters is that they rarely Ever came together and interacted... Sure, we see Archer and Trip, and Archer and whomever; but it's usually always a 1-on-1 stand-alone setpiece... Nothing like the Kirk-Spock-McCoy Relationship of TOS or even Picard's readyroom or lounge meetings where different characters have something to say and contribute... We got None of this in E! And Mayweather...for a guy at the helm, he had Zero development outside one or two forgettable episodes! Captain Archer is as Dry a character as can be, which is a shame since Scott Bakula had proved himself a decent actor on Quantum Leap... So what happened? Not the actors, but the Writers... An actor can only do So Much with generic, crappy lines! And it gets quite tedious week after week when we keep getting more and more of the same from the same old characters... It's like the writers for this show didn't care anymore...and if they don't care, the fans certainly won't care, either...
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