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Re: How could Archers Racism have been better handled

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^ Exactly. Archer wasn't prejudiced against Vulcans for who they are - if he were, he wouldn't have been able to serve with T'Pol for so long. He was pissed at them for specific actions that they carried out: restricting Earth's technological development and holding back Earth's expansion into space. That's not racism - it's TRUTH.
Indeed. From fairly early on it was basically Archer & T'Pol vs. the High Command, not to mention that Archer trusted T'Pol, found her attractive and in the alternate timeline of Twilight they are a couple. No idea how anybody could seriously believe that Archer is a racist.

I like two aspects of Archer's conflict with the High Command.
First, that Broken Bow and First Flight said that it has to be a rash guy who breaks with orthodoxy, bending to the Vulcan will, and gets humankind into deep space. The bureaucrats would wait another ten years.
Second, that the Vulcan position was correct. Humankind was not ready, made many enemies, was nearly extinguished and had to change Starfleet from an exploration agency into one that does protection as well.
But, and this is so lovely, Archer was also correct, humankind has to make these mistakes. Both positions are right from their own perspective and that's precisely why there cannot be a politically correct solution; there have to be some undiplomatic words and some estrangements.
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