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Re: Why is the Federation so dumb?

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Ok so I'm rewatching "Pegasus" from TNG and wondering why...WHY would the Federation agree to a treaty where they aren't allowed to explore the possibility and technology of cloaking? ... Anyone have any ideas?
It never made sense. I think the writers put that into "Pegasus" just to create an instance of drama without regard to the bigger picture as such it created a fixed-point of unilateral idiocy. Thank God for "Deep Space Nine!"

Fortunately, RDM and others introduced Section-31 that kind of retcons the stupidty introduced in "Pegasus" (an otherwise great episode) by allowing those who wish to say the Federation agreed to such pollyannaish terms because they knew it would ultimately be ignored by some covert factions within Starfleet.

Third Nacelle wrote:
This may sound a bit Roddenberrian of me, but I don't think even without the treaty, that cloaking technology is something the Federation would seek anyway. It's dishonest trickery, and that's not how the Federation works.
I strongly disagree. Cloaking technology would have non-military applications such as scientific investigations of pre-warp civilations to name but one. Also, R&D and invention are not always linear processes so to comply with such a stupid provision who knows how many other avenues of research had to be curtailed?

It is one thing to say one won't implement a cloaking device, but it is something terrible to say one won't even pursue tech that would allow themselves to detect a cloaked ship or item, thereby, protect themselves.

Another point to ponder, what if the Pegasus had succeeded and how might that have helped the Federation at Wolf-359? Or how much more advanced would Starfleet ships have been when defending themselves from the Dominion?
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