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Re: TBBS Fanfic Recommendations

*peeks in* Wow. A fan-fiction forum. Neat! Reading addict, here, and only stumbled into Trek-dom as of last fall. --And now that Enterprise is cancelled, I'm looking for fun stuff to read, to help forget that which was the series' finale.

Anyhow, I wanted to recommend a fic effort done by a rather superb writer, Maggie (or Miss Maggie on TrekBBS). It is titled Reviviscence, and is set during the first season of Enterprise. All the fics on the hosting website, triptofan, are great, but they tend to tread into the 'shipper waters -- and I'm not sure how people feel about 'ships around here. Reviviscence is a nice, spooky drama, and although the entirety of it isn't posted, I don't believe it's a WIP -- it's just being posted chapter by chapter.

Here's a brief summary: On probation, Enterprise is sent to investigate a nebula that emits a multi-phasic radiation that has previously deterred all exploratory missions. The ship enters the nebula -- coined the "Miasma" by the crew -- only to find that there’s more to the phenomenon than space dust and gas.
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