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Re: How could Archers Racism have been better handled

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Point is Jonothan thought crazy talk was rational talk becuase he heroworshipped someone who was mentally ill and he was too young and stupid to know the difference.
I had actually forgotten that little plot point from S4--but I agree that little throwaway line pretty much undermines everything Archer's had to say on the Vulcans. He's been a grade A toolshed on the issue, but I think the writers did a decent job of showing that it wasn't all in his head. Many of the Vulcans were micromanaging dicks.

That said, Archer just came off as a whiny, petulant child than an actual bigot. Having since joined the military myself since the show last aired, I can't turn off the fact that dynamic between him and T'Pol would have tanked morale among the crew like a mofo.
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