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Re: Voyager again, for the first time


Another one of the episodes I strangely remember quite well, though parts of it were what I thought were Kes' leaving episode. All my references to Kes' super powers were because I remembered this. What really surprised me was that they didn't even get the benefit of a quick short cut. I thought they fell every now and again and we've not had one yet. It's weird that all the stuff I remember having a problem with doesn't really seem to be that prevalent.


I have to admit these are the type of episodes I really enjoy, as straight-action as they are. This wasn't a bad example of one, though I did especially like Janeway looking like a stereo-typical member of the French Underground in WW2, nicely put you in the frame of mind of it.

In both these episodes we also have the fact that Voyager is earning itself a reputation as a Warship - and Resistance probably strengthens that - I really like it. Despite their intentions, most space faring races they come across they are getting into scrapes with, and it makes sense. It offers a good contrast to how Starfleet are usually seen. I can't remember what the show does with it, but I hope it does it well.
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