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Re: why is there no more talk of a new star trek tv series?

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They need to trend carefully with the next Trek show. If it flops, Trek will really be completely dead on tv for the next twenty years.

We can't have another terrible series like VOY or ENT.

The "It will make money just because it is Trek" mentality needs to DIE.
I don't think anyone really believes the "it will make money just because it is Trek" meme anymore. Still, that doesn't mean the name isn't a benefit.

Anyone who looks at the movies produced in the last decade or so will see a ton of reboots and remakes. They're everywhere. One reason for this is that while they don't know whether a given remake will make money, they do know that the basic idea is one that can make money because it has in the past.

It's the same with Trek vs. a completely new franchise: failure can be blamed on bad execution rather than a bad foundation, which makes it a much safer choice for the executives who have to approve the budgets. That way they can say to their own superiors that someone else did it wrong, rather than that they approved a bad idea.
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