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Re: Why is the Federation so dumb?

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The Federation agreed not to use something they wouldn't use anyway ...
Excuse me, but the Defiant on DS9?

There were a lot of situation, not involving the Romulans (or even the Klingons) where a Starfleet ship would have found a on board cloaking device useful, and could have saved lives.

In Tomorrow is Yesterday, simply raising the ship's deflector prevented the Enterprise from being detected on radar. And that just deflectors. Janeway used a type of cloaking device to penetrate a Borg unimatrix.

If a cloaking device can be used during an attack on the Borg, imagine how many lives could have been saved at Wolf359.

Starfleet could have used hundreds (or thousands) of cloaking devices in their long war against the Cardassians, shorting the war, and saving lives. Ending the war with a surrender, not a treaty. None of those border colonies would have gone to the Cardassians.

This would have also put the Federation in a position afterwards to end the Cardassian occupation of Bajor. Something they likely couldn't do with a active war in progress.

Didn't the Romulans loan the Federation the cloaking device that the Defiant used, though it was only supposed to be used in the Gamma Quadrant.
That was a one time exception and was in exchange for all Federation intelligence on the Gamma Quadrant so both sides benefited there. Kinda wish they kept the Seska Romulan around T'Rul I think her name was.
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