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Re: 7x09 Hide - rating and discussion thread

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Maybe I missed this - since the Time-Traveller couldn't go home did the Doctor simply leave her in 1974?
There was no further reference to the fate of Hila Tacorian (the time-traveller) beyond the fact that she couldn't go home. The writer simply decided to leave it out, I suppose (much like the writer of "Cold War" never mentioned how the Doctor got to the South Pole )
I had wondered about this as well. Maybe instead of throwing on that sappy "every monster needs a companion" ending (which itself didn't really end properly), they should have just ended the primary story correctly and told us the fate of Tacorian.

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The walking stick creature was well done.
I think it was probably "The Crooked Man" listed in the credits, and yeah, it was well done with all its jittery movements & appearance. Very creepy and disturbing.
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