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Re: Have we witnessed the death of intelligent TV?

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I think TV has become more about background noise than straight up focused entertainment. It's on while you're texting, tweeting, and facebooking. There's no strict narrative on most reality shows, so you can catch something to bring out the lulz or the omg, and then go back to your 3.5" backlit social life without missing anything noteworthy.

Just a hypothesis.

I'd agree with that. I do watch some Reality TV mostly when I can't find anything else to watch, because it's there, but in general, I'm not too crazy about it.

I read an article recently about the National Geographic Channel where the CEO was boasting about all the changes he was making towards more reality shows and less documentaries with a particular disdainful slant on them as "voices of god". Rather interesting because it goes on to say that while society members claim that the channel hurts the society's reputation, it's tolerated because of the money it brings in.
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