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Re: Brannon Braga: Not a Diane Carey Fan?

Dug out my copy of Broken Bow.

p. 26 wrote:
"Three days. That's all I need."
Okay, everybody always said "Three days," so Archer had picked it out of a hat, hoping they'd think it had a good ring.
p. 26 wrote:
Forrest waited until they were gone, then winked at Leonard and spoke to Archer. "I had a feeling their approach wouldn't sit too well with you, John. Don't screw this up."
Archer restrained his comment. The last part must be meant as a joke, because nobody would say it to a captain and be serious.
p. 42 wrote:
Archer managed not to groan at her [Hoshi's] flimsy excuse. "You've got to have someone who can cover for you." He avoided commenting that it was just a foreign language class and she might have to rearrange her priorities to a more galactic mentality. No, probably not the thing to say right now.
p. 64 wrote:
"Intriguing," Phlox said. Already the word was trite. Aliens always said intriguing when they didn't know what else to say. [...] "I especially liked the Chinese food. Have you ever tried it?"
[...]Archer shrugged. "I've lived in San Francisco all my life."
Of course, San Francisco had a Chinese restaurant on every third corner, just like any other American city, but he sensed Phlox wanted to have something on him.
In that case, I think Carey is misreading the script. I interpreted that line as meaning "Of course I have" but she seems to be rationalizing Archer saying he hasn't.
pp.67-8 wrote:
"You know that firsthand?"
"Firsthand, secondhand, and thirdhand."
Uh-huh, sailor stories already. Tucker offered a shrug and made no further comment about their slipping back into a pointlessly prepubescent moment.
p. 69 wrote:
"Vulcans don't touch food with their hands."
Where had she made up that one? Archer had seen, with his own eyes, Ambassador Soval eating finger food at a reception.
p. 71 wrote:
At this special moment in their relationship, T'Pol succeeded in snapping the breadstick with a rather tidy final cut. She slid the piece onto her fork. "With proper discipline, anything's possible."
She then ate the piece, as if that were really something worth showing off.
Archer managed not to groan.
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