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Re: What discontinued food, snack, or drink do you miss the most?

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not technically discontinued, but my uncle can't get bottles of weed-infused absinthe through customs anymore
You used to be able to buy THC infused sprits from a few online dealers out of Europe as there was no US law against it. However, in the last year or so it's impossible to find the sites through web searches and most of the sites i was able to refined no longer sold said products over the Internet. It is interesting timing, because several CA based wineries and breweries were starting to produce THC infused wine and beer for the states "medical" marijuana dispensaries, and there are several Colorado breweries and distillers who were starting up production of THC infusions with that states legalization.

I wonder if the importation issues are connected with the introduction of domestic production.

That being said, from the looks of things online, it is not too difficult to make home made infusions, if one were so inclined.
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