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Re: why is there no more talk of a new star trek tv series?

ENT failed because, like TOS, it was neglected by the powers that be with the additional tragedy that the former became better while the latter became worse when it got cancelled. In other words, ratings tell very little when you are on a bad time slot.
Furthermore TV has changed in the last ten years. DVD sales and streaming matter more and more.
While I don't think that past issues with shows matter I neither think that the financial success of these movies matter much. Every sane executive should know that you can sell Trek. It has sold for nearly 50 years and still does. Even the old stuff sells. If there is anything to learn from the history of Trek it is that short-run thinking is irrelevant (OK, I know that corporate governance problems lead to management focusing too much on the short run).

Back to TV, you need to market your stuff in a modern way and you need a bunch of writers with a good sketch for the show. Then it might materialize.
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