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Re: Should I give Enterprise another chance?

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Sorry, but this vision runs counter to All fan visions this side of the Mirror Universe!
Ehm, no. It doesn't run counter to any of Roddenberry's principles (you can blame Berman for many things but he has always made sure that the stuff he does matches Gene's basic ideas) and while it may violate your vision it doesn't violate mine.
You can hardly base a series on a stupid old non-canonical book. It made much more sense to keep ENT in sync with what came before which was in this case FC. In a Mirror Darkly showed that ENT fitted fairly well into its timeframe, the ship looked older than a Constitution class vessel. You have a nice hypothetical design evolution from the rocket Phoenix to the saucer NX to the Daedalus with an engineering section to the Constitution.
Not that this fanwank matters, the show wasn't good when it emulated stuff from TNG or later from TOS, it was good when it focused on genuine 22nd century stuff, i.e. on itself. Like meeting the Andorians or dealing with pre-enlightement Vlcans.
I agree that ENT should have had simpler technology but you can blame the studio for wanting it to play safe. When Berman wanted to do something new like setting the first season on Earth he couldn't implement it.
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