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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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So I'm sorry, Kertrats47, but there's no way your interpretation of the book can work. Paramount absolutely was not cracking down on Ford-style Klingons or anything else in Trek-Lit continuity at the time -- heck, there was no reason to, because TNG hadn't even premiered yet when the book was written. I think you're going to have to rewrite your review.
Thanks for your guidance in this issue, Christopher. Based on reading a number of online reviews and opinions concerning How Much for Just the Planet?, I had come to the erroneous conclusion that Paramount had nixed the idea of a sequel to The Final Reflection due to artistic differences. I have edited the review to reflect the fact that this is not the case, and I've also added an acknowledgement for your feedback, which helped me to learn that. Thanks again.
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