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Re: Bad episodes you love anyway

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I like these are the voyges from enterprise for some reason
I've often argued this episode is undoubtedly fairly weak - and certainly a dismal and appalling choice to end a series/franchise. But had it been slotted into ENT's swansong mid season, it probably wouldn't have taken so much flack. Possibly, it might be remembered as one of those perfunctory, "OK-ish", filler stories.
Well yeah... the Troi/Barclay duo is usually fondly regarded over on Voyager. That was an example of doing it right, and even when they appeared, they didn't steal the show or distract from the concept of them getting home.

But if you had ended Voyager with Troi and Barclay running a holodeck program about how Voyager inspired them in some non-tangible way, it would've... well been even worse than future Janeway gets them home.
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