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Re: Glee - Season Four

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I haven't seen it yet, so I can't comment, but I think this article does have some interesting points to present:

Five Reasons Why This Was The Worst Episode of glee Ever.
Not really, nor even close.

IF you seriously read this and think the poster has legitimate points then you need to pay more attention to the show. Because pretty much wrong on every single count, with one exception.

For example, Becky has shown strength of character and empowerment by mimicking Sue, and when she has been cut off from Sue we see how vulnerable she actually is. It's also been shown concerning how she realizes the world see's her on at least 3 other episodes, including one the poster mentions and seems to forget those character fears were displayed for the audience to see. And its been shown that she uses her "sue" behavior to masks how she really feels. And its been done on more then one occasion.

The only legitimate point the poster makes here is why would she bring the gun to school. That's the one place Becky does manage to thrive (for the most part), its outside the school that terrifies her.

Poster found the kids behavior, locked in the choir room repulsive. Well might I suggest the poster do some actual research on how people, specifically teens behave under pressure. As for the kids taping messages to their loved ones, that's literally based on several real life events, involving school aged kids, not to mention adults in situations where they fear for their lives. It's not exploitive, its actual somewhat normal behavior under massive life threatening stress.

Comments about Beiste and Will. Whats so hard to understand about a character developing feelings towards basically the only adult male who's ever treated her with any sort of real respect? There was only one thing (besides the cooking in the hot tube background elements) and that was having Tanaka being a match for her, as Tanaka was portrayed as an utter waste and failure on so many levels.

THen their comments about Will be just a little bit of a nicer person then her ax who beat her. And how Will is a terrible person. Seriously? Well for the most part the male adult characters make Will look a huge catch. Only Burt has been portrayed as a better adult male on Glee.

Really the only elements of this episode that were bad, was Brittany/ Sam and that stupid fucking cat. AS opposed to the Brittany in the bathroom which was quite a nice little performance. In fact the material about Brittany/ Tubington was some of the worst material Glee has put out, not the elements that poster spoke of?
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