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Re: Porthos has died.

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Ouch. I got bit in the leg by a pig a few years ago, and it was deep. I'm wary around large dogs because when I was 5, a neighbor's two boxers ran up to a fence and scared me.

No, one of them was not Mike Tyson.
That's never good experience. It's amazing the things you remember vividly and for me getting bitten was one of them. I can remember looking into the wound and seeing my muscle tissue before the blood started coming out, the dog's jaw moving up and down as he was actually chewing on the chunk of flesh he ripped off... guess it's a good thing he decided to find something better to eat!

But yeah, that just ruined dogs for me. Even my best friend's dog, who I'd been around for years made me insanely nervous every time I saw him from that point on. Funny thing memories and perception.
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