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Re: New Zealand legalises same-sex marriage

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I'm still waiting for why same-sex marriage will make my marriage worth less and me love my wife less?
Love is a finite resource, a fossil feeling if you will. Every time THE GAYSŪ use it to love someone of the same sex, it's just like siphoning gas from your car. And before you know it, multiple spouses, children, incestuous family members, animals, corpses, and inanimate objects will be allowed to get married and siphon your gas too. Then the world becomes a post-apocalyptic Hellscape like Thunderdome, except this time when two men enter, two men leave sexually satisfied. That's just science.
'First Contact' is the tale of a man who just wants to cash in on his creation so he can get wasted on an island full of naked women, but his fans keep insisting that he's a saintly visionary who has profoundly altered the world. AKA - 'I Don't Want to be a Statue: The Gene Roddenberry Story.'
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