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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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To be fair, this is not a catastrophic problem (not that I'm saying you think so) as the framing represents the "action safe" area that was intended for picture tubes back in 1990.
I'm completely happy with you thinking I consider this a catastrophic problem. Having (at least) the same visable frame area which existed before, is actually quite important. Rescanning the film has at times yealded more of the frame, so it doesn't sit well with me there being less. Even for one episode. But it is just one episode. I guess I'll manage. I can't see CBS Digital not correcting it somewhere down the road though, and sneaking the correctly framed episode into some HD syndication or online streaming deal. So I think we can further pin it down to just time, in order to make a fixed release date. Rather than time and money.

Not terribly happy having spent a while since the sampler disc, under the misapprehension it'd be corrected by the time Season 3 was out. Just seemed so obvious an error, with no need to bang on about it.

I'd like to make clear my remarks aren't directed at you or anybody in particular. Or intended to be taken personally. I value the TNG remastering project and the efforts of all those working on it. Those are however, precisely my feelings about CBS Digital deciding not to correct an issue, that had been established for sometime now.

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