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Re: Into Darkness ties to Star Trek XIII?

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no reason in the world to think that the designers for Into Darkness would reference the Excelsior in that way.
Well, there's no reason they'd put NOMAD or ducks in a cut-away either, but they did.

After all, this new dreadnaught ship is supposed to be Enterprise's replacement/better right? It would only be natural if they caled it Excelsior as a joke, with the nacelle's as a give away to the fans.

I wasn't being 'treknical' but whimsical. A lot of in jokes, easter eggs, etc. Nacelle treatment might be an example of this. I guess if they called Cumberbatch Styles it would have been a bit much.

I'm trying to grok how JJ thinks.

In ST II TWOK, Kirk and Khan never came face to face. I'm thinking that even after the two ships ditch there is going to be some type of physical confrontation. We know that there is going to be more space-diving action for the adenaline junkies/wingsuit guys (got to get better on the sensors for that sort of thing

Unless this ends up as just the mid-part of a trilogy with a depressing ending (likely) I can just see Pike say "You threw not one but two ships into the water, Kirk?"

I'm beginning to think that, in today's even faster pace--JJ is thinking less Gene R but more Steve O.

"I'm Johnny Knoxville, and this is Star Trek: Into Darkness"

Let's shove two starships into water and get all hurt.
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