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Re: re.:Avery Brooks' acting style

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I meant accidentally sentient holograms.... Vic, Moriarty, the inhabitants of Fair Haven.

I love the The Doctor, although he too did have a bit of the Pinocchio syndrome.
I loved him, but yeah he did have serious Pinocchio syndrome. It was funny though. Photons be free!

Fair Haven... ugh. I disliked those episodes only because I just couldn't stand watching Janeway date a hologram. I have nothing against holograms, especially ones who know they are holograms and accept it... but just... no.
I dunno, Janeway pacing around that hologram like a predator as she's making changes to it makes me laugh every time. Especially, "Computer... delete the wife." Other than that, yeah.. Fair Haven was just silly at best, facepalming the rest of the time.
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