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Re: Finale discussion thread (spoilerifictitle insided) *SPOILERS WITH

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I wonder if we are going to find out who the Doctor was before he stole the Tardis and ran away from the timelords, or what he was before he ran away, or even who owned the Tardis before him.

A couple of questions i would love to be answered, although it's not a deal breaker.

This. With the Time Lords gone, I don't see any reason to keep it a secret anymore.

I always figured he was just part of a failed uprising on Gallifrey (probably started by The Master). The group managed to steal the Hand of Omega as a bargaining chip, things got out of hand, most of the Doctors family was killed in the fighting and he and Susan barely escaped with the Hand by stealing a Tardis.

But that's just my personal theory.
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