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Re: Hawaii 5-0 Season 3 discussion/spoilers

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While it was a nice change of pace, I did miss the Danny/Steve interactions. I haven't been paying attention to news about the show, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that Joe was back. I wasn't a big fan of his subplot last season, but I would definitely enjoy seeing him pop-up now and again. I also really liked seeing Steve push his friend to stay in the SEALS.
When seeing Joe in Naval uniform I thought he was bit lowly ranked for some-one of his age but I heard correctly in the when McGarrett was in training he was addressed as Chief.

Now if the was Chief as in a senior NCO Joe would have been some-one who rose right through from the NCO ranks and eventually getting a commission.
I caught that also. He would have been an old man at the time as the dated McGarrett's SEAL traing as just before 9/11. I remember my First Sergeant held a reserve commission. Perhaps Lt Cmdr Joe did also and when wartime came so did his officer's stripes.
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